About Us

TopInfo Consulting is a business that combines the experience and knowledge of its Managing Director Kevin and the resources he has collected over 50 years of consulting.  This  Consulting business has worked as employee, project initiator  and partner for more than 35 years.  TopInfo Consulting was formed in 2010 and has worked providing advice and undertaking projects to the private and government sectors.  It’s strength is its ability to provide broad-based advice and services to specific businesses and government promoting productivity, profit and innovation.

TopInfo is known to provide unique solutions to specific situations.   We are proud of our skill-base as we think of it as ‘second to none’ but it is how our skills are applied that will provide lasting benefit to your business in a broad industry context.  If in doubt about what our clients think of us, just have a look at the testimonial section on this site.

TopInfo Consulting has its base in Finley but will work locally, nationally or internationally. It was originally based in Tatura, Victoria.  However it has been firmly based in Finley since 2013.  Finley is a small town in southern New South Wales (NSW), Australia which is situated in an area known as the Southern Riverina.  The township is based within the boundaries of one of the largest gravity irrigation areas in the world and this section of irrigation area is operated by the largest private irrigation company (Murray Irrigation Limited, MIL) in Australia.  Produce and goods from this region include, irrigated dairy, cereals, oil seeds, fodder, Fibre, wines and meat.

Kevin Linton
Dip. Ag. Sc.; B App. Sc. (Ag); M. App. Sc. (Env. Eng.); Farm Surveying Statement; Certificate in Wool-classing; Alumni of M.A.S.T. programme.

Kevin has a Masters of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering and a number of Agricultural Qualifications including wool-classing and farm surveying certificates. Kevin’s experience includes helping to manage family farming properties; studying and working overseas; frozen food distribution; Agronomy; fodder, fibre, share farming and contract harvesting; the Stockfood Industry, the Rural Water Industry and working in the environmental area for many years. Kevin has edited and published articles and books, is the managing director of a company, operates three small business’ and has been active in local and international community service clubs.  More recently, he spends more of his time mentoring less experienced people and undertaking Pro-Bono work.