Professional Development

img294TopInfo Consulting staff are experienced in communicating with English language and non English language speakers and have been motivating and empowering people to make good choices in their personal and business lives for decades.  Our staff are experienced mentors that encourage the best from people and have helped professionals all over the world in numerous occupations and parts of society.   Our staff have experienced being exchange students overseas, some times speak another language and are now helping professionals all over the world.  Services in these areas include;


  • Professional mentoring advice to local, national and international mentees,


    Kevin discussing ‘a point’ with Hassan.

  • Experienced mentors to facilitate the best performance from your young employees,
  • Advice and support to young and not so young professionals to maximise potential,
  • Practical experience from those that have been involved in numerous community and work activities for decades,
  • Advice to experienced professionals and starters from areas such as the arts, academia, health, engineering, agriculture and many other areas,
  • Experience in communication techniques with non English language speakers,
  • Experience in improving English as a Second Language (ESL) skills and navigating government agencies and services,
  • Has been mentoring professionals since 1995 and non professionals since 1982,
  • Have supervised International Exchange Students since 1983.