• Information Services
    TopInfo Consulting provides a wide range of information related services. We carry out projects designed to the client need on a once-off, or ongoing basis. Distance is no barrier as much of our work can be supplied electronically.
  • Environmental Services
    TopInfo staff have been concerned about the environmental condition for 50 years and have developed many new concepts which have been adopted around the world. However, they have worked in an official capacity in the environmental area for about 25 years.
  • Agricultural Services
    Kevin has been involved in the agricultural sector in various capacties all his life. He has worked and studied directly in this area for about 40 years.
  • Water Industry Services
    TopInfo staff have been involved with farm irrigation and the Rural Water industry for about thirty years. Its strength is in the Gravity Irrigation Areas’, however it has also undertaken projects in high and low rainfall areas.
  • Other Services
    Over a number of years TopInfo Consulting staff has provided business development and some ongoing advice in the plant nursery, publishing, advertising, fuel delivery and agricultural tourism, to name a few.
  • TopInfo Consulting has written and implemented original strategies for unique situations, such as groundwater investigation (hydrogeology), library management, Blue-green Algal management, drainage diversion, water quality, sediment and biocide testing and a range of other sampling, measurement and recording reports and strategies.