Information Services

Information Broking Services

TopInfo Consulting provides a wide range of information services that government and the private sector find are often not available from other consultants. We carry out specialist projects designed to the clients need on a once-off or ongoing basis.  Distance is no barrier as much of our work can be supplied electronically and we are prepared to travel worldwide.

Information ServicesOur services include:

  • Develop and implement strategies to improve your access to evidence-based information which can be tailored to your organisation,
  • Working with clients to supply high-quality information and analysis to an agreed business profile,
  • Keeping clients current in best-practice information,
  • Locating and delivering documents; from local, national and international sources,

Example:- International market prices of apples or particular journal article topics”

  • Training client staff to become effective information users so business productivity increases, Library 003 (500x375)
  • Developing training packages,

Example:- “Information discovery. Using software packages such as the referencing and bibliography tool, ‘Endnote’. Such packages enable effective, evaluation of information and referencing in report writing”.